Saturday, 26 January 2019

Update - new version of Blackwood Cardigan from Helen's Closet is being released next week

I tested the new version of the Blackwood cardigan earlier in the month. The pattern was now in number size ranges rather than S - M - L etc and now going to size 30. In addition, there was a choice of cup sizes B or D.

I of course sewed the tester version (and was delighted with it) but there are a couple of tweaks following tester comment. So my version is not the current, new one. I sewed between an 18 D on top and 24 at the hips. I was pleased to see that in the new version there will be a little extra room in the sleeves, which is something I planned to change in a future version.

I won't go into any more details as the pattern will be getting released on Monday coming, 28 January. It will be available free of charge in both B and D versions to all previous purchasers.

As a tester, I received the new pattern today (but as a previous purchaser would have had it updated, in any case). I downloaded and am going to check to see the differences in comparison to my own pattern corrected for fit. As I mentioned previously, I was going to shorten sleeves - I think longer sleeves is a young uns thing as well as provide a touch extra room in the sleeve.

You may have noticed that Helen undertook a size survey and received a lot of responses - she has posted the results of the survey on her website.

Tester version
I will add, for the sake of completeness, that I received the test pattern free of charge and was not required to post about it. I am not affiliated to Helen's Closet and all views are my own.


  1. Love Helen's move to make the sizing more inclusive! You made me think though about whether it's worth for me to print the new version. The D cup might slightly improve the fit, but then I would have to take in the sleeves as I do like the fit of the original pattern.

    1. If the previous version works and you're happy, why change? I thought your versions looked great. I did alter the original to add some bust and biceps space. The tester version I sewed was a better fit, though, with those changes already there (I did cheater versions). I'm not sure how much the new soon to be released version has changed from the tester version. It's not just sleeve width at biceps, there is also a change to armscye. So if you made the change, you would probably have to change all the pieces.


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