Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Stashbust

I've just learned about this from Nakisha's blog. I've decided to go along with it as DH is complaining that fabric is rather taking over. I've plenty to last me - especially at my rate of sewing. I wish I had some of Nakisha's speed!

Fortunately, I'd already bought the fabric for the jacket I'm going to be making in a 3 day workshop in July - I hope the lining material I have is okay; it's the perfect colour but I have no idea what it is. I got a large piece of fabric from my mother who hasn't sewn for many years now. It's rather satiny but looks like it might be cotton. I'm not sure how to test. It's not silky and has a reasonable weight. I'm not at class this week as I'm golfing on Thursday - trying to defend the team trophy we won last year. I still need to buy the notions but that is okay I think!


  1. Yes, hmm, DH will have to get used to stash, I suspect! Most of us find that stash grows alone, by itself, in the dark in a very exponential fashion! Good luck with your sewing workshop.

  2. DH really doesn't mind the stash! It sure does grow even when I think I'm only buying what I'll use. I'm looking forward to the sewing workshop, thanks.


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