Sunday, 13 July 2014

Another wadder, but feeling pretty good about it!

At class on Thursday, I was trying to finish view A of Simplicity 2594. I had told myself I couldn't move it on at home because the tutor had recommended a different way of attaching the yoke and I needed a further explanation - well that was true but also an excuse. I realise now that I didn't like the texture of the fabric (crepe but probably a lot of polyester in there), the colour - I'm a fan of many shades of pink but bubble gum pink doesn't do it for me, and even the style of the pattern which was not a usual one for me. In class, the tutor turned to  me after I had tried on the top for fit, side seams basted, and said 'you're not going to wear that, are you?' recognising that I have many items made which have not seen the light of day. She then said that she didn't think the shade of pink was flattering to me. I agree. I also felt I might not wear the top.

I carried on at home today to complete the topstitching of the yoke and sewed up the side seams. All that remained was the hems around the armholes and the bottom hem - I duly basted these and tried on the top to see what it was like. I didn't like it any better. DH realised on seeing it that it wasn't my style or colour and that I wouldn't wear it.

So I made the decision not to finish it, to banish it to wadder land - and to send the rest of the sickly fabric with it. I feel good about this decision. It won't be hanging around taunting me! I haven't decided what to do about the pattern yet - there are different views which are more 'me'.

I did learn a number of new techniques, so my time wasn't all wasted.

I should say that I didn't buy the fabric in the first place - my mother who can no longer sew because she is virtually blind (macular degeneration) gave me it with  a few other pieces from when she last sewed many years ago. One of the pieces is a beautiful fabric in golds and olives and browns - but I am a summer and these shades don't suit me. They are most definitely my mother's colours. She also loves cowl necks. My original intention in making the pink cowl top was to have a practice run to make her one from the gorgeous silky brown floral. I'm not sure she'd like the style, either, however, I think she'd prefer sleeves. I wasn't keen on the fit for me and feel that the particular fit around the armholes wouldn't suit my mother, either.

I feel good about my decision to jettison and not finish. This is linked in to trying to get rid of 'stuff' accumulated over the years as we're thinking of downsizing as our house is too big for just the two of us, despite a proliferation of hobby-related paraphernalia.

It's just over a week since my birthday. For my birthday, one of my gifts, from my youngest daughter, was of labels to sew into my handcrafted garments. I'm looking forward to using these.


  1. Anne, I understand your decision to chunk it.. I do this sometimes too.. So much better than to continue the sewing process, knowing I will never wear it.ha. Proud your moving on and look forward to seeing your jacket..

    1. Thank you. I found the decision easier this time; I've gone as far as finishing a few things that I've known were never going to be worn - what a wastes of my time! I kept 3 wadders, thinking they helped show me a technique I had achieved but they really just take up space. I hope I'll have finished jacket by end of July but no hurry

  2. Yes, sometimes binning a project is the only sensible thing to do, while keeping the lessons learnt. Wise decision. I hope your jacket is graced by one of your birthday labels :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah Liz. As I said to Judy, easier this time. Easier to grasp the nettle. This one I realised earlier I wouldn't wear - some of the others I thought I would wear but problems arose - dress where centre fold line won't disappear, skirt I stretched out of shape by faulty pressing ...I have learned lessons and don't need the garments to remind me. I will use one of my new labels in the jacket!


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