Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Group designing a bridesmaid's dress to suit all!

I met up with all three of my daughters in Cambridge on Sunday. We don't often get the chance to get together so it was nice but the main purpose was to discuss bridesmaid dress design.

I had taken a bodice toile for my oldest daughter,  based on measurements from the past.  It didn't work as she's a bit heavier than usual at the moment but I got the opportunity to take a new set of measurements from all three daughters - well actually the first I've ever had from my middle daughter.

Each of my daughters has a slightly different shape.

My oldest, who is the smallest height wise but is still tall,  as are we all, describes her body shape as 'strawberry'. Some describe this as inverted triangle or carrot!  She has quite a slight body frame and a large bust. This has always been an issue in clothes fitting. She would prefer good coverage at the side of the bust and underarm. So no cutaway armhole for her. She's happy with a sleeve but not 'tee-shirt length' as that is not flattering to her. She suits a crossover neckline and a wide empire type waistband. She doesn't like a jewel neckline.

My middle daughter is a pear,  like her mother. She has a very slim waist and larger hips,  which make her feel quite self conscious. She also has a tattoo on her arm which she doesn't want her grandmother to see (though the bride has no problems).  She also prefers a lower neckline but her main issue was to flatter her slim waistline.

My youngest daughter, who is also the tallest,  has a much straighter body shape.  She is very slim. She has broad shoulders, a small bust  and less waist definition. The two older daughters, who are going to be the bridesmaids to the youngest,  are quite clear what styles are good for them and what styles are not. They didn't like some of the suggestions we came up with.

So while designing the dresses for the bridesmaids, we needed to incorporate these views; this appeared to be a group effort but in fact we ended up with a minor variation of a design I sent weeks ago. I've added a sleeve and changed the front neckline from a V to a scoop.

Now I need to investigate what types of fabric would be best and come up with an actual pattern - or two,  rather, one for each daughter. First,  though,  I'll make up blocks for them after testing out their sizes in a toile. Trouble is,  they're all planning to lose weight! (So am I of course).

It's difficult to decide the best timing for the things I need to do. I can't afford to leave everything to the last minute but am not sure that there is much point pushing ahead now. Dilemma! 


  1. What an undertaking this will be! You seem to have them all sorted really but then he weightloss is another thing entirely....tell them they have to lose it quickly so you can get on with the designing.....yes, perfect opportunity to lose some weight as you have a goal and a date......I did this for our son's wedding in St Andrews 5 years ago....and look where I am now....put a lot of it on I'll join you all!

    1. I've said they have to be the weight they want to be well in advance of the wedding. That applies even more to their sister as that dress is very complex. Yep, join in the weight-loss campaign! My oldest daughter got married 5 years ago, too, and I'm not sure if I can fit into the dress I wore then (probably not, regrettably). I don't have much idea for the design of my outfit yet.

  2. Gosh - they seem to have all the body types between them Anne! Quite a challenge. In terms of weight loss all you can do, I think, is to have a plan so that you can add additional darts, or take in the side seams, if things get out of hand. That said this is a fascinating project - aren't you glad you have so many daughters!

    1. My first plan is not to start just yet! Not with the making that it's - designing yes. Yes, it's a challenge. I don't actually see that they have much weight to lose, but they feel they have a bit. I have rather more to lose. Rather than lose a daughter I gain a son (in law) - one so far - boys are a different experience altogether I reckon.


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