Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Save the Great British Sewing Bee!

This has been a marvellous programme which has given home sewing a lot more exposure, being instrumental in its revival. I've enjoyed it and would be very sad if it didn't return

The GBSB has included men, including army officers and policemen,  as presenters and as contestants, reducing sexism.

The BBC lost the Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 because it refused to pay the huge extra amount Love Productions were demanding. The same production company produces the GBSB and it may be that relations between the BBC and them are not great. I don't know, I'm just a viewer.

I was aware from my reading that there was a risk that it would not return - and no contestants have been chosen for 2017 which seems to underline that.

I got the following in my email today and I have signed the petition in the hope of saving it (or if not that then something that would pursue our intersts - I for one don't want the BBC held to ransom)

Apparently the BBC are considering cancelling The Great British Sewing Bee, how dare they !!!

This is a link to a petition to help change their minds.

If you love The Sewing Bee (and Patrick) as much as I do please sign it and share it with you friends.


Thuis is the text the link displays but you'll need to click on the link itself to get to the petition.

"The Radio Times recently reported that the BBC have yet to recommission the Great British Sewing Bee and that the show seems to be facing the axe.
Those signing and sharing this petition wish to convince the BBC that this brilliant show should be recommissioned. In fact in light of recent gloomy events (Brexit, Trump, RIP Victoria Wood et al, and the Bake Off going to Channel 4) the Sewing Bee is just the kind of thing they should and need to continue making!
Not only is the Great British Sewing Bee a model of the Reithian philosophy - informing, entertaining and educating, but it demonstrates the benefits of mindful making and creativity, and challenges sexism (the gentle art of needlework is incredibly tough, plus men can do it too). It is the perfect antidote to the current climate of uncertainty.  This programme is an oasis of calm embroidered with double-entendre (courtesy of the marvellous Ms.Winkleman) and needs to be recommissioned.
Please BBC don't let the Sewing Bee unravel like the Bake Off, Britain needs you to save the Sewing Bee.  #savetheGBSB"


  1. I signed the petition and I'll tell mr Foxgloves, who is a big fan of GBSB, to do the same!

    1. Thanks, Marianne. They are getting a lot of signatures so it might work. I'm getting updates as I signed petition and you'll get them too.


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