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Plans for 2018

Plans for 2018

Comment - I had major problems with formatting the text - the end piece is awful but no matter what I do, I can't correct it - it just seems to get worse! At first it was lack of line wrapping but in this post, it's to do with bullet points. I trust you will overlook this!! I don't want to remove the post altogether.

RTW Fast
I have joined Goodbye Valentino’s 2018 RTW Fast. It’s easy for me not to buy RTW as it doesn’t fit - far harder for me to sew things I need. I’ve bought so very little over the last 3 years - the only thing, other than bras etc, that I can remember is my MOB outfit for Helen’s wedding in summer 2016 - I had planned to make my outfit for that but ran out of time - but still have lots of ideas and some beautiful fabrics. I tried to go sale shopping in advance of starting the fast on January 1st  - the only thing I actually bought was a cup of coffee! There were a couple of ‘nearlies’ - a cashmere pullover which was maybe a 7 and a dress which was maybe not the right size but I liked the fabric. I decided not to try either. Reference to ‘7’ - if each item of clothing you are contemplating buying is rated out of 10, you shouldn’t really buy if it’s less than an 8! That takes into account appearance, style, colour, fabric, fit etc. Obviously, if you’re desperate for something, you might have to become less discriminating and might drop to 6. This was not necessary for me so I declined purchasing.

7 Steps to Style
I am a member of 7 Steps to Style and evolve Your Style and will be trying to ensure that I stay true to my best colours and styles.

Patterns and garments
I will be working on creating blocks/slopers as already started and TNTs from commercial patterns. I will choose a small selection to work on.

I intend to use up (or at least break into) the special fabrics I have in my collection - dupion silk, other silks and lovely wools. These were bought for MOB possibilities. However, I am happy to buy good quality fabrics for projects as they come up. I’ve made more mistakes over unsuitable fabric than I can tally up. No more!!

The year will be largely devoted to sewing for me. If time is short, I will prioritise my sewing rather than that for others! I’m so selfish! (David says it’s time I was doing this as I sew for others and do very little for myself) I will try to put in a garment each month for the MAGAM challenge hosted by Sarah Liz - but I won’t sew something ‘for the sake of it’ eg for a contest or challenge.

Garments planned
I plan to make pieces which work together, based on a navy neutral and a grey (or just possibly burgundy) secondary neutral.

I have reread The Vivienne Files, Starting Out and 4 x 4 and plan to base what I do loosely on that.

As there are quite a few garments here, I decided to link into #2018makenine. As far as I can see, it’s simply to post plans for 9 garments over the course of the year. No penalty if you don’t achieve 9. Only thing is, they seem to be largely Indie patterns and I will mainly be sewing with the Big 4or my blocks if I can get them sorted.

I’m going to jump into my sewing this year with a repeat of the kimono I mad for Joanne. I modelled it as Joanne wasn’t available and really liked it. I have enough of the fabric left. It’s not quite in my colours - it’s black and wine, but I still have wearable black trousers. It’s an easy make. It probably needs a suitable top underneath - the black top I used for the photos was too drab.

This is Joanne's but I think I have enough fabric to make another

I modelled it

Trousers/pants - these will either be based on commercial patterns or my block. Perfecting a pair of trousers is my key aim for 2018
·        Navy trousers - at least two pairs. I wear trousers almost all the time. Maybe 1 in heavier and 1 in lighter fabric for our version of summer. I might use my block but I think it could be easier to get Vogue 9189, which comes in tall (as well as petite and regular) to work.

  • Burgundy or grey trousers. I have burgundy wool suitable for trousers but I’m not sure I have any grey.
  • I can’t afford to make too many pairs as I MUST lose weight.
  • I may try to make Style Arc Barb. I have the PDF with 3 sizes so that might work.

·        I’d like to make a pair of jeans for myself. Not sure as yet which pattern I would use. Possibly McCall’s 5894 ‘The Perfect Jean’ and I’m sure I have another and of course, my block. I don’t have any Indie patterns for jeans. I have some denim I bought to use last year. Navy with stretch. Also, David wanted a pair of grey jeans and I bought the fabric - I might have to requisition that!
McCall's 5894 The Perfect Jean by Palmer/Pletsch

Jackets - commercial patterns
·        The Chanel-type jacket is navy based and will work with these. The jacket also has black, blue, pink and white in it, colours I’ll be able to pick out in accents. I’ll finish that by the end of the month and I should be able to post a completed version then - too many things going on in January to think I could be faster than that. It's my mother's 90th birthday this coming week and the whole family is getting together to celebrate. All this hand sewing is SLOW.
·        The Grainline Morris jacket - probably in cobalt/royal blue boiled wool. However, I’m still not convinced that the fit is quite right. So I might not do this at all. I would like a really casual  jacket.
Cardigans - x3
  • I’m not sure what patterns I will use here as yet. I have a couple of Style Arc patterns and I haven't tried this brand as yet. These will be worn with trousers and top, a style with which I am very comfortable. So one will be navy. One perhaps grey. And I’ve just purchased online a double faced navy/grey wool - this may be for a heavier jacket. I will wait to see how it feels when it arrives. I also have McCall's 6844 which I’ve used before. I made a peplum version that time but would forgo that this time.
McCall's 6844 - I'e made this previously and it's very popular

McCall's 6966 - similar but less popular.

Style Arc Abby. I've never used SA. This is a single sized paper pattern and I don't know if I have the correct size!

  • I intend to use natural fibres to make two, maybe three tops, if I have time. I have a number of RTW tops that still have life left in them so I don't need to go overboard. These will go with navy trousers and some with burgundy or grey. I have plain navy silk, though not much so maybe just enough for a tank; a lovely navy based silk; a baby blue crinkle silk (might be too pale for me though) and maybe a couple of other navy based prints that I bought when I was going to do PR’s wardrobe contest last year. It would have been great to do but I can’t sew that fast!
  • Navy silk tank - probably using the pattern I drew up last year.
  • One other item that I recognised was missing from my wardrobe was a plain jewel necked long sleeved tee shirt type top dressy enough for use under my blue checked jacket. I’m not sure what fabric this would be - preferably natural, preferably with some stretch (are the two compatible?) and in a fine smooth luxury fabric. Which pattern? I'm not sure - I don't think I will/I won't use the Cashmerette Concord though.
Special occasion
  • Dress and indoor type jacket (I haven’t decided on pattern to use as yet). I will use Royal blue dupion silk.
Shirt dress

  • I’m not quite sure which of my commercial patterns I’ll use. I have got a lovely fabric which has blues and greys and an almost peach-skin surface in mind for it. Also some classic chambray.
  • I'd also like  to make a casual every day dress in ponte de Roma - I could perhaps use the PR Winter Street Dress which I have made previously

I've made this 3 times previously, or is it 4? I've made the required modifications to the pattern (which were many!)

For others

Although I have said I plan to be more selfish this year, I also have some items to make for my family

  • Alison - I made a dress toile but hadn’t seen her in it and she told me she had gained a bit of weight. At Christmas, we were able to confirm I could go ahead with the dress. She had thought that as what I had sent her was a ‘toile’ she couldn’t wear it but I confirmed that she could, provided she liked it. The skirt part of the dress is a thicker fabric than the original but Alison confirmed that she liked that. I don't have the fabric for this dress as yet. A navy background rather than black is the plan. She has to wear black at work, but navy is her preference. When she tried it on for me, it was clear that the sleeves aren't right - I’ll ask advice about that when my classes restart next week.

  • Joanne - I will make her a pair of shorts. She wants black, as before.
Shorts identical to previous ones. I have the pattern. I’ve made it twice previously. It fits. It shouldn't take too long once I start. I’ve ordered the nicer of the two fabrics I used previously and the lace trim  - from Minerva fabrics.

  • Helen - a green silk dress. I’ve said she needs to buy the fabric for
    this herself. She has much better opportunities to buy as she lives in London.
    I got the last lot in Goldhawk Road and though that takes her over an hour to
    get there, that’s still far less than it takes me! I remember they had a nice
    green at the time I bought the red silk.

The long-awaited red silk dress. The green silk dress should be identical 

Also, the tartan skirt using our family tartan that has been on the cards for a couple of years now. Helen still hasn’t chosen the style - so that might be for her birthday or Christmas in 2018:

Style 2 - not our tartan

Style 1 - not our tartan

  • David - graphite jeans, another pair of brushed denim jeans and a checked shirt. I have all these fabrics. I also have fabric for a jacket but don't think that will see the light of day! David is in no hurry for any of these.

  • Grandsons - not sure really about whether to go ahead with shirts and gilets as contemplated.
  • Probably not!
  • Crucially, I plan to track my fabrics, patterns and makes rather more thoroughly in 2018 than I have done up until now!

    We had a number of trials in 2017, which I won’t go into, and hope that 2018 will be better from that point of view. We are hoping to downsize and move in this coming year so that will have an impact on sewing time available. I will take into account availability of classes/sewing tutoring available when we are deciding where to move to as I will really miss what I get just now.


  1. Lots of sewing plans, and usually not enough sewing time. David has hit the nail on the head about why I nominate selfish sewing for Make a Garment a Month! I find having a list of things to make helps me to at least get started on something on the list when I am not sure where to start, if that makes sense!

    1. Thank you - exactly! Did you have the same problem reading the lines, with them not wrapping, as Ruth?

  2. Hi Anne, I continue to find your blog unreadable in Mozilla Firefox because the lines do not wrap and are therefore overlapped by pictures in the sidebar. I don't have this problem with any of the other blogs I read which are blogspot ones so unsure why this is. Am I the only one having this problem?

    1. hi Ruth. Thank you very much for pointing this out to me.It was okay when I published last night - I have no idea what is going on. I have, I hoped, fixed it once more but without knowing the cause I'm at a bit of a loss! The end bit isn't properly formatted but I decided to let it go at that! Sorry! No-one else has mentioned but each time you have, I've found an issue on both my Android phone using Chrome and PC likewise.

  3. you have such a beautiful family to sew for :) I am more selfish in my sewing lately too. And that's ok! I love your plans and goals for 2018 - so many fun patterns to make! I hope you enjoy every step of the way!

    1. Thank you, Kristin. O do enjoy sewing for my family but it's more selfish this year! Those trousers have been planned for 2 years at least and while I have moved forward a little J still don't have any trousers. I've nearly finished my easy kimono though - ease into my plans.

  4. What great plans Anne. You've thought about everything so thoroughly and your colour scheme makes sense. Good for you to sew selfishly too. I'm new to Style Arc patterns and I'm about to print off my first one today for a knit dress...the Paige Dress. I'm hoping I chose my sizing right too! I've seen the Barb pant before and it looks pretty good. I'll be interested to see how they turn out.
    Oh, by the way, I love that kimono jacket.

    1. Thanks, Diane. I have finished my kimono - the one I am modelling in the blog post was Joanne's. It's left over fabric as I explained and isn't in my carefully thought out colour scheme - and I don't have a suitable top to wear under it (as I don't like black tops) but do have black trousers okay. I might have to add a top in the right colourway to my sewing plans!!


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