Thursday, 8 May 2014

Check headache!

I spent the whole of my sewing class today laying out my pattern tissue pieces on my houndstooth fabric so that my checks would match. I didn't realise quite how difficult it would be!
I think I've managed a pretty good job.
Lyn checked my work before I cut. I was really scared to cut into the fabric. But I did.
I laid out and cut the back on a single layer, having drawn up the other half of the pattern.
I had drawn up an additional sleeve, front and facing. However, Lyn advised matching up using one piece and then cutting the other from that fabric piece as this was easier to match up. So it proved.
I found that I must have accidentally stretched the cloth at times as dark and light would match at start of a row but not at end. I managed in the end but it took a while.
I had to leave the class early today as I had to rush off to a golf match, so I got it cut out but will have to wait to see if it actually has worked out.

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