Sunday, 11 May 2014

oh no!

While I was sewing today, my serger lost its program and then the display went blank. I got it back but the stitch setting had changed. I was able to use it again and nearly finished the jacket I was making. Unfortunately, this respite was only temporary. My serger is now dead, alas! I don't know if it's repairable. It's an old machine and parts are not readily available.
My husband suspects a power surge as I was using a new extension lead for the serger and my sewing machine. Earlier, my sewing machine also played up - I couldn't move the needle position. Even switching on and off, when usually the needle position moves, didn't change it. Then it suddenly started working again and I had no further problem.
I finished my jacket on my sewing machine - all I still had to do was serge the arm holes, so instead I stitched and trimmed. It looks pretty good and I'll post tomorrow.
I'm going to have a busy day sewing tomorrow. I want to finish the winter street dress for my daughter, who's visiting just for the weekend - and I'll have to do it without my serger. I've used the sewing machine to finish the edges but it's just not the same! It's just as well knit edges don't fray.
If my serger is declared irrepairable, I want to replace it. It's an old Elna 5Pro DC - 5 threads though I most often use just 3 to finish seams etc. I tend to sew a seam with sm then serge. Just my lack of confidence at present. I don't know what kind of serger I would get to replace the Elna, though. Thoughts?

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