Sunday, 18 October 2015

Preston or Bradford? Or neither?

This is my first time posting from my phone so I hope this works. I accidentally left my tablet in my daughter's house yesterday. We were staying there after we three plus my middle daughter had been at my youngest daughter's engagement party in London on Friday. We had a good time and met some people who will be at the wedding for the first time and met quite a few of Helen's school friends again as most of them are in London, though one of her friends travelled back from Greece (where she works) to go to the party.

On Saturday, David had to rush back home on an early train to get to his photography course but didn't set his alarm properly and A's phone went flat. He woke up and realised it was only 20 mins to his 6.30am train time but somehow, unbelievably, made it with time to spare - A drove him to the station in her pyjamas. He had to change trains at Stevenage but his second train broke down and after transferring to another where he couldn't use his laptop to do some course work  he ended up 90 mins late for his course but it worked out okay.

I was babysitting for my two grandsons after David left as A had to work for a couple of hours. They'd been at a sleepover the night before and were probably a bit tired after a midnight feast! A's husband got back from New York not long before I was due to leave and things were a bit chaotic. The boys were so excited to see their dad, who'd been away on business since Monday. We'd managed to take down his birthday present which he'd left behind in our house last time, so he was pleased about that. I didn't manage to attend any of the Sew Saturday events.

My train journey was uneventful, though I'm very tired today. I fitted in my flu injection on Thursday and am not sure how much impact that has had! I felt it at my golf match on Thursday and later at my class!

I still have quite a bit of travelling to do this coming week.
On Thursday I'm going back to the YSL exhibition at the Bowes with a group of ladies from sewing. It closes next weekend.
Friday to Monday I'm back in Yorkshire (I think it's Yorkshire -Clitheroe) for a bridge weekend.
My title -
I can travel to or from my venue via Harrogate so am likely to do that. Any Harrogate suggestions welcome. I'd like to visit Duttons for Buttons as I've never been there despite having visited Harrogate quite a few times.

At my destination, I'm not that far from either Preston (Abakhan) or Bradford (Bombay) though neither are on a direct route home. Would anyone recommend one over the other - I can't do both! Is it worth adding 30 mins to my journey time for Preston and more probably an hour for Bradford? David doesn't think so but I'm still looking for silks and satins and other bridal type fabrics at a good price for practice. I also need Illusion tulle and silk organza. Are either good for those types of things? I could of course do mail order! Or send Helen shopping in London.

Over the next few days I need to bring my course portfolio up to date and make a decent shirt sleeve placket sample (my first was rather poor) and a godet sample. Tonight, though, I am meeting an old friend who's passing through nearby.

Anyway - advice welcome!!


  1. I can't help you with shops or towns but I can thank for your earlier post about the YSL exhibition. I am Australian but we were visiting Scotland and England to spend time with my daughter's in-laws and wre able to book tickets to the exhibition. It was quite a trip involving traffic hold ups and the GPS taking us on its own diversionary route but we got there in the end and enjoyed it very much!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the exhibition. I wasn't sure about going again but decided I would when the others in my daytime Thursday class are going - and the class isn't on, a of course. I went to meet a friend tonight and my sat nav led me a merry dance! Got there in the end though.

  2. What a busy time you are having - no wonder you are tired.

    1. I know, I know! When I'm going places on my own, I feel I need extra bits and pieces and places to compensate. The weekend itself will be relaxing and enjoyable and I'll use their pool. It's only the travelling I struggle with, for some reason. After next Monday things should be back to what passes as normal for me! Then I sew! I'm way behind with that.


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