Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wedding update - waistcoat mainly and news about MOB outfit

I've had lots of support and kind comments about my wedding outfits journey. Thank you.

Today is a waistcoat update.

After looking at the laid out fabric (wool and silk) for future sil's waistcoat for a LONG time, too scared to cut it as this was by far the most expensive fabric I had ever used, my tutor and classmates convinced me I had to go ahead and make the first cut. That was a key moment in this whole process.

I'm using a Burda pattern - 3403 with a few modifications for fit. Slightly lengthened and made with less ease for A's preferred fit.

Instructions aren't brilliant but adequate,  particularly as I have Lyn to ask for advice.  She's shown me a few techniques not mentioned in the instructions which improve the finish.

Of course I've had a few problems. None insurmountable, though.
  • I was ironing the creases out of the custom printed silk and got water stains! I couldn't believe how dirty they were, even though my iron is new.   I was horrified but we washed it, after pressing on the right side on the hottest setting it could take as per FAQs, and it was fine. 
  • I had to redo one of the facings
  • I accidentally cut through one of the welts when snipping a thread with my so sharp scissors. I had no choice but to replace - I replaced both and slightly modified and improved how I did it. Fortunately I had enough of the fabric to replace the bits that needed replaced.
  • I have imprints of the darts on the front of the waistcoat so I need to work out how to get rid of them. Of course,  I shouldn't have had them there in the first place. I trust I can sort it! Any recommendations? 
I'm well on with the waistcoat now and hope to get it finished on Thursday.  A & H are coming for the weekend and it would be great to get that out of the way. The fabric has sewn nicely. Photos don't do justice to the colour. The wool/silk was bought from Joel and sons by A&H and they highly recommended the shop but I didn't have a good experience there when I went with Helen to buy her wedding dress fabric due to poor customer service - so somewhat variable. The fabric is beautiful - wool and silk.

I haven't cut out the silk yet.  I'm hoping to do that tomorrow (Sunday) when I have both time and daylight. It's going to be awkward as it's so slithery and the pattern will need to be kept symmetrical.

When I was making the toiles I got confused with the turning through at the end so I need to get far enough on to get help in my last class before Easter for that part. I'm happy to do the buttonholes after that.

What else have I been doing?

I've been continuing with the design and toiles for the wedding dress. I'm hoping to have a fairly complete toile for next weekend as I will be able to fit it on Helen. I don't have much opportunity to do that. We don't have the fabric yet but need to get that very soon now. We have a better idea of quantities now. I have samples from a selection of retailers.

I've finished making the pattern for Alison's bridesmaid's dress and plan to have a toile for next weekend when she's coming too. I won't see Joanne until after that.

I was getting on with my MOB outfit - I decided to submit that as my course final project, rather than the wedding dress which had been my original intention. I had two dresses - one to wear, princess seams,  contrast central panel overlaid with lace, and one to submit,  the pattern hack dress. I have a toile of the former and am making up the latter. 

However, I'm not wearing either to the wedding as I have bought an outfit! I've decided that the toile of the first, in a lovely turquoise crepe, will be ideal for the day after the wedding (I'll post when completed). It fits beautifully and I just need to ass a lining and finish off. I will complete the second in college and submit as my final project. I got the stretch lining in the post today - I couldn't buy it locally. 

My bought outfit isn't in the colour I originally intended (royal/cobalt blue) but David and I both liked it. It has taken a lot of pressure away from me. I need to get shoes and bag  - I'm looking for dark navy, I'll tell you that. Of course I would still have had accessories to buy for a dress I made for myself too.

  • Lesson learned, I hope - sometimes even after following 'measure twice, cut once' you can still get it wrong!
  • Oh, and I don't need to do everything!
Thank you for all your supportive comments - please keep them coming!


  1. I was truly relieved to hear you had bought your MOB. Yes... from the other side of the world in Australia. I know you wanted to make your outfit and had thought long and hard about it. You are a very busy woman just the same. Hugs Carol S

    1. Thank you, Carol. Spring here has definitely arrived - we're coming into summer now and I felt, in any case, that my MOB design was a bit too heavy. In colour and fabric. True, the beginning of June can be rather cool here but it's often very nice.

  2. I'm glad you lessened the load as well. It will be more than enough doing the rest...

    1. Thanks, Sarah Liz. More than enough indeed! I finally managed to cut out the silk for the back of the waistcoat and the ties. It took me a long time as I couldn't get the silk to behave. Ties attached now and back joined to front at shoulders. Inside already done. Next step putting it all together.

  3. You certainly have enough to do who buying your outfit seems like a good idea. Why have more stress? For the pressing imprints try sponging the fabric with dilute white vinegar and water. Cover with a wool press cloth (a scrap of the fabric works fine) and steam press. You can also brush the fabric lightly which will raise the nap and may help with the imprints. I would practice on some fabric scraps to be sure you won't cause more damage. For future pressing, try placing strips of brown paper under the seam allowances and don't have the iron too hot.
    I visited Joel & Sons while in London and wasn't impressed. I thought the fabrics way overpriced and I am accustomed to expensive designer fabrics in NYC.
    I hope you have smooth sewing from now on.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I must admit to being a little bit concerned about the vinegar idea - I did try to buy but for some reason we can no longer seem to get this where I live, just the malt (which my middle daughter, who has coeliac disease, cannot take - that was my original reason for searching). I knew about the brown paper but just didn't think, I'm afraid, until it was too late. I'll do some more searching for white vinegar though and test further on scraps. Fingers crossed (though it's not too bad, to be honest; will anyone notice?) Sudden thought - my youngest daughter, who lives in London, bought some white vinegar a while back to treat a silk dress she had. If she still has that in her tiny flat (I seem to remember she had to buy about a gallon!) I'll ask her to bring it this weekend as they're travelling up by car bearing stocks of prosecco


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