Sunday, 25 December 2016

Thoughts on contests; entering the PR One Yard Wonder Contest because it fits in with my plans

I said I wasn't going to enter any contests  unless it suited me.

I'd like to have entered the menswear one as I have fabric to make David a shirt and fabric to make my sons-in-law cargo shorts. However, these are all casualties of running out of time. They both preferred what they got instead!

There was another I was going to enter - make the fabric your own. We've been experimenting with fabric printing. However, again we ran out of time and weren't far enough forward. It wasn't just the printing, it was also the fact that I'd need to make something using our created fabric. Wasn't going to happen - not enough time.

Infinity Scarf

Then last week I started to make my mother a scarf using a small remnant of fabric which she gave me when she could no longer see to sew. I realised that this piece of fabric would fit the fabric criteria. Unfortunately,  I didn't take a good enough photo at the early stages (it's not going to work) as at first I thought the fabric was too long. However, what I had was a short length of full width fabric, rather than a long length of narrow fabric - width is not specified but length is. I realised this too late. I took a better photo with measuring tape of the finished item and it will either do or not. Doesn't matter.

From this remnant, I made my mother an infinity scarf with a twist.  It's quite short as I only had the width of fabric. I lost a bit of fabric trying to even it off,  so the scarf isn't particularly wide,  either. She liked this fabric, which will go with other things she has (I don't know if  she still has the original garment), so I decided a short infinity scarf would be a good idea. I didn't have any other ideas.

This was a very simple make. Folded fabric in half long ways, after evening it up,  stitched at approx 1 cm and overlocked. Turned through, started stitching the two ends together,  right side to right side, but I didn't line up the seam on each end - I twisted the fabric once so that the seams were at opposite sides.

I had kept the selvages but only then realised that one selvedge was wider than the other,  so I had to take a bigger seam there. I left a little gap to turn through and slip stitched the gap. Et voila! One short twisted infinity scarf. I have bought a scarf clip to go with it and hope my mother will like it.

I hope I might get to post a photo of my mother wearing it.

Addendum  - I've escaped for a few minutes. My mother likes the scarf. She doesn't have the original treatment any more but told me that this fabric had been bought to trim a matching hat.


Next up, when tidying my fabric, I came across the rest of the fabric left over from when I made my daughter large elephant cushions.

I found I had two pieces left over.  I decided to use this to make her another cushion. The choice was one largish cushion or two smaller long cushions which I preferred.

The cushions are long and narrow. I measured the fabric and photographed before I started this time! I measured the size required and trimmed and trued the fabric and overlocked the edges to prevent fraying. The fabric,  an upholstery fabric, is relatively thick and has a flocked raised design. It frays a fair bit.

Originally, I was going to insert a lapped zip at the short end,  simply because I had suitable zips. However, when I mentioned this to Dan, she suggested a concealed zipper on the longer side was more appropriate  - she said that many commercial cushions are now made using invisible zips.  I thought the fabric might be too thick but she thought it would be fine.

So while on the way elsewhere, I went to the new branch of Hobbycraft which has opened locally and bought a couple of zips. They were more expensive than I might have bought elsewhere but were good quality and were there! So no further trip required.

The zips went in fine. That's not quite true - I had a few issues but these were related to me not them! After having to totally unpick one side because the pattern didn't line up after being sewn, even though it had when I pinned it,  I decided it was better to take the time to pin and hand baste. This worked much better. There is still a bit of shift despite initially machine sewing in place in the middle of the tape.

I think the cushions look quite good  - and hope that Joanne is still interested! She'll certainly like the cushion inserts as she loves cats. The cushion inserts are from Ikea.

Addendum - Joanne loves the cushions and says she'll send me a photo of the whole family of cushions - these two and the two elephant floor cushions (this fabric one side; tapestry elephant other side)

Less than a yard of fabric, even before trimming

Cute cushion insert!

Under construction

Other December Update (written December 16th)

I have some nice pieces of Christmas fabric (bought,  I confess 2 years ago) and had a vague notion of making some Christmas crafts but I've abandoned that thought. The fabric will still be there next year…  Maybe you have to start these things in January!

I've finished Joanne’s kimono and have traced out the pattern for Alison's which I'll make over the weekend. I've decided I can't really make up Helen's silk dress as there are some decisions to be made - I've made up the pattern and will have a toile for her to try. I feel that's best.

This coming weekend (weekend before Christmas weekend) I need to practice making gluten free pastry and a new filling for salmon en croute. I'll update this post after Christmas and enter the items in the PR contest

Addendum - it's Christmas Day evening and I'm bushed, and escaping for a few minutes. I finished the kimonos and will post about them separately in the next couple of days once I get photos, too. Ditto for the scarf and cushions.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Anne. The cushions look good - and well matched enough. And I am sure the scarf will be appreciated. Infinity scarves are fun to make.

    1. Thank you. My first infinity scarf but it was so quick to make that I'm sure there will be more! My mother has volunteered to let me take a photo of her so I'll manage that after most of the family leave tomorrow. She's staying until after the New Year. 🎄

  2. Hello Anne - I haven't been on your blog for some died the death....a new one for my joint Christmas/Birthday pressie from two sons.
    Love the scarf....what's not to love about any scarf....I am a sucker for scarves....I once had 153.....sent a lot to the charity shop.....but then I get more.
    Today's 'scarves' are more like pashminos and I frequently find them much too bulky for my 5' nothing height with no neck to speak of so I take 1/3 off the width by pulling a thread and then cutting in the 'gap' - sewing hems on both....then I have a skinny scarf for inside as it were and a larger one for outerwear.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy 2017 with lots of time for sewing!

    1. I've missed you, Joyce. I can't imagine 153 scarves!! Mind you, I have a few - but never wear them. I'd like to but don't have the skill in wearing that many do. I'm glad you've got a new computer now. A generous present. I have a couple more posts to put up before the end of the year - please do come back to read and comment. I've noticed your identity is listed differently now. I'll wish everyone a Happy New Year in my next post but I hope you had a good and relaxing Christmas. Do you make all your cards? I love calligraphy.


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