Saturday, 21 February 2015

Solved!!!!! Help! Can anyone tell me why I can no longer see previously posted photos?

Everything seemed okay until the last post but one. Then I noticed I was getting 'no entry' type signs instead of a photo. Now I can only see photos on the current post. It's this the same when you look at my blog?
Any ideas how I can fix it?

Edited to add - I think the photos that don't show have been deleted during a technology meltdown earlier in the week! I can't redo most of them, but can redo some. I think I'll also create some separate tabs if I can work out how to do that.

Further edited to add
When I had the technology meltdown, following an Android upgrade to my tablet, everything was running so incredibly slowly..  I decided to reduce the burden by taking some photos off. Then I had to reset the tablet to factory conditions in any case and rebuild from there. What I didn't realise was that removing the photos from my tablet or phone was deleting them from my PC, albums and blog. I didn't realise it worked that way, even though I knew I could access from any one of them (it's at times like this that I realise I'm getting older and less able to keep up with technology!). When I twigged to this, I was able to restore all my deleted photos via Google+ because they had been deleted within the last 60 days. It's just as well that sometimes programmes question what you do and give you a second chance!

As far as I can see, all my photos are back on my blog.

Problem solved.  I still don't know how to create tabs across the top of my blog, though.

Further update -  I've now managed to create my pages as tabs across the top of my blog but haven't worked out how to link my pre-existing posts. I've put in the labels but am stuck for the night.


  1. Do you mean Pages? In Layout you can click on add a gadget and then scroll until you find Pages.

    1. I thought so but I created a page and can't see it, so I'm not sure. I see blogs with collections of similar items tabbed across the top eg collections of tutorials, info about themselves etc. That's what I'm trying to achieve so I can keep pattern making class in one section, jeans making in another etc. Thanks.

    2. That's right! It's not visible until you link posts to it.

    3. I can't see how to link posts to the pages, I'm afraid

  2. Go to the top bar and you will see edit. Click on that and it will ask you what page you want to publish. Then click the page you have just written and publish it. This one took me some figuring out as well. It used to be automatic.

    Glad you solved the photo problem.

    I was actually looking for your post of yesterday, to find you had published this, so I will commiserate with you here about your problems with drafting jeans. If you email Glenda at Sure Fit Designs, she may be able to answer some of your queries.

    1. Thanks, Sarah Liz. I'll have a go later in the week. Yes, I should contact Glenda; she's always been very helpful. Classes start again this coming week.

    2. I've received a very quick response (as usual) from Glenda with some suggestions which I'll try out later in the week when I hope to get a bit of time.
      Still no joy with pages. Thanks


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