Sunday, 8 February 2015

Some thoughts while lying on a hotel bed; and some planning

I've stopped gaining weight thank goodness.  Just over 3 weeks ago I attended a funeral and my suit jacket was too tight. I'm glad to say that I've lost a couple of pounds and it fits much better. Easily acceptable. I do still plan to make a new version, though, as I'd like the jacket a couple of inches longer to cover tops better.  We're here because we're attending DH's uncle's funeral tomorrow. There wasn't enough time to travel up tomorrow especially in potentially difficult road conditions. We didn't leave home until the afternoon and by that time the roads were okay. We've managed to travel after one weather warning expired and before the next comes into effect. DH hadn't seen his uncle in a few years, probably since his mother's funeral - she kept connections going. There will be quite a few reconnections tomorrow.

I do get emails and internet on my phone but the screen is too small to read comfortably. Fine in an emergency of course.  Talking about which - has everyone got an ICE contact on their phone?  ICE = In Case of Emergency and lets those who need to know which of your contacts should be notified first in an emergency. I also have ICE 2.

This is my second attempt to write this post.  I completely lost my first when my tablet fell out my hand. I didn't know that could happen - losing the post that is. (Strangely, I found it on my PC when I decided to post this - so I hadn't lost it after all, but I might as well have done when I couldn't find it!). I'm lying in bed in a hotel in my DH's teenage stomping ground; it's still famous due to its Burns' connections, though that wasn't what he was reminiscing about - that was more about folk heroes. There was a great Folk Club,  with visits from the likes of Peggy Seeger, Ewan MacColl, Archie Fisher and Billy Connelly when he was with the original Humblebums and would play for his supper and stay with one of DH's pals. I can't get the hotel internet on my tablet for some reason, which is irritating as I was going to read a book on it. I decided to start this blog post instead. 

Earlier I got an email from the Curvy Sewing Collective publicising their focus on separates over the next 3 months, combined with tutorials etc - pants in February, tops in March and skirts in April. I love separates as they are so versatile. I think I'll try to push my current pants make ahead a little to try to fit in with the February time scale. That'll be pants, not jeans and probably not the US definition of trousers, though of course they're all trousers to me! I actually fancy making a pair of pants with an elasticised waist as I was reading a tutorial about this earlier. They'll be useful for working around the house and for sitting sewing. I think I'll need to make them in stretch fabric and know I have a choice of grey or fuchsia - I'll choose grey! Grey is also a versatile colour, goes with so much.

After I've made these casual pants, I'll go onto a pair of dressy trousers and a pair of slimmer fitting jeans. This to fit in with my trouser class at college. Probably not in February, of course, but certainly by the end of term, at Easter. You've heard of fast food, and of slow food, I read of fast sewing, well I'm promoting slow sewing! My object is not merely the finished object but the enjoyment and learning in the journey.

I'm back home. Exhausted!  I'm just making a quick update before going to bed, early. Travel was fine.

The funeral went well. It was lovely to meet up again with some of DH's relatives, despite the occasion. I think he'll keep in touch. His cousins are interested in some of the photos DH took including his uncle when he was younger. DH was the family photographer.

I decided to look through some jeans reviews on PR while having some supper before bed. It looks as though the Ginger jeans from Closet Case Files might best meet my needs as they are drafted for a pear shape and have online tutorials.

I've ordered the Palmer Pletsch jeans, too, as McColl's patterns are half price at present and these get quite good reviews. Some people complain that they are too high at the waist but I'm looking for a high rise so that will suit me fine.

Last week I notified my interest in 2 patterns being sold by a US PR member at $1 each. Although patterns are often cheap in the US, that's not the case here. One is a Vogue,

the other a Butterick.

Postage is pricey ($12.75) but it's still worth it, particularly as I could pay by PayPal. Interestingly, the reviews on the Vogue pattern are rather negative, with some people saying they were just going to junk the pattern after reading all the bad reviews. There were enough positives, however, to make me decide I wasn't going to opt out. Update - I received a $4.90 refund from the seller as postage turned out to be cheaper than she had been quoted. That was nice.I'm looking forward to getting the patterns.

I hear my bed calling! Truthfully, I'm tired mainly because of viral illness rather than travelling. I'll try to add a couple of photos to this blog and post tomorrow. Tomorrow I also plan to modify directly on the skirt toile I made last week (I need to understand what the problem was) and make up a new toile as the next class is on Monday. I still have a cough but am recovering from my virus, so I might also get my colour photo swatches done, if my skin loses its pasty grey-green colour and the weather holds up. We won't be playing golf as I'm not well enough for that yet, sadly.

Update - well, I didn't get the photos added and didn't post the blog the day after my return. So I'm doing it tonight. I added the photos but didn't edit the text. I haven't got my colours done yet. I still haven't completely recovered. I still look off colour and feel 'wabbit'. I'm hoping I start to feel better this coming week - and get some sewing done. I did repairs though - I put faux hems on two pairs of trousers to lengthen them (not enough grosgrain for the third), repaired the waistband closure on a pair of jeans and - more difficult - repaired the lovely sewing zipped pouch I got from my sewing buddy. The strap end had started to fray and come loose. I didn't see how to repair it and asked advice from my sewing tutor who said it had been bagged - just like the jackets I had done. After that, no problem - repaired!!



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