Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lancashire this time; suggestions for best pattern to use for fabric, please

I had a lovely time playing bridge and socialising in Lancashire,  in a part that until recently was actually Yorkshire. I was there from Friday to Monday, so it was a lovely long weekend.

I debated visiting the rhs garden at Harlow Carr near Harrogate on the way home as it was a nice day but in the end decided to go home via the M6 - longer but fewer roadworks.

I decided after all to visit Abakhan in Preston, Lancashire as I chose a route that went nearby. I found the staff very friendly and helpful. I didn't buy the cuddle fleece I really coveted as I wasn't sure what to do with it,  other than cuddle it! I loved the pattern on it. I bought some horsehair braid and an owl appliqué which I plan to put on a bag as a Christmas present. I also bought a couple of patterns in McCall's half price sale, for garments for Helen. Even better as I got a student 10% reduction too. A lot of their fabric, including the fleece, was sold by weight but they said they were happy to give you an approximate price per metre.

I had to go to the nearby shopping centre for a comfort stop before travelling on and found a charity shop with a specialist wedding section. I bought a couple of dresses for me. Not very inexpensive but nice fabrics, good fit - neither for my MOB outfit! One is more like a dressy summer dress and the other is a black and beaded evening dress. Black isn't my colour but the dress fitted very nicely and comes with a wrap.

I then travelled on to Lancaster and visited Fabrix, as recommended by RuthieK. I didn't pick up any further wedding fabrics for practice but enjoyed looking around. The proprietor showed me a book of specialist wedding fabrics but I preferred the fabrics I saw in Harrogate. I bought a sample of a satin backed faux suede. One of the patterns I bought in Harrogate would look great with this type of fabric.

I also bought 3 metres of patterned viscose, no stretch. The colour here is as close as I could get it - grey and lilac.

I'm considering a shirt dress or similar, perhaps a wrap. I suit these,  or at least used to! It would also fit in with making the shirt for my course. Though I have a couple of actual shirt patterns.

I have a number of possible patterns but would be keen to have any recommendations. I don't plan to buy another pattern (eg Cashmerette’s Appleton dress) as surely I have one that will do! Here are my possible choices: Please chip in with any thoughts!!
This dress Butterick 5918 has no reviews at all on PR. The version I like has sleeves, no hip wrap and a slim skirt.

I like version C without the wrap at the upper hip - I don't need that!
McCall's (Palmer Pletsch) 5847. More of a shirtdress. Would this work in my print?

A wrap dress. DH doesn't think that my print would work for this one.

This is an old Vogue pattern 1424 dated 1994. Would this be better in a solid though? I'm thinking a slightly shorter version C.
I  love the look of this pattern. I'd have to size up a bit as the skirt part is probably 2 sizes too small..

I'd really appreciate some input, helping me decide if one of the above would work in my print - or making an alternative suggestion.
I'm getting back to actual sewing soon (after I complete my college homework assignment!)
Thank you!


  1. I have to disagree with your husband on this one. I think B5030 will look very Diane von Furstenberg in your fabric!

    1. Would that be the one you recommend I try? Thanks.

  2. I agree with Marianne - also viscose tends to drape, so I don't think the princess seams would look as good. What I would do is hold the fabric up and play with it - make a shape like the wrap dress and see what it looks like. Also, it seems a pity to cut into the lovely swirls - they need to be encouraged to show themselves. But playing with the fabric will tell you what looks good on you.

    1. Thanks, Sarah Liz. I washed it and it'll be dry by now so I'll have a go at draping it today to see what looks nice. Strangely I haven't done that with any fabric before and do really need to - thanks for the push in the right direction.


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