Thursday, 20 April 2017


I had an email early this morning to say my blog now has 100 followers via Bloglovin’. Even since starting this post, I've had several additional followers. Oh happy day!
Thank you every single one of you!
A very big welcome to my new and recent followers.
Thank you too to Kate and Rhonda both of whom mentioned my blog this week and  this very clearly contributed to an upturn in numbers of views

I think this is great especially when there seems to be a downturn in the number of blog posts. At least, with the blogs I follow - which are quite a few!

I'm using Instagram now, too. I find it useful and get more or as much feedback via that than I do via my blog. However, I'm not a photo person, I'm more of a word person (word auto-corrected to weird and maybe that's true too!). I haven't been doing so well recently - life gets in the way! - but my blog was to document what I made, how I made it, the difficulties I had, lessons learned for next time - and of course,  to celebrate success! So it's really a personal journal though its original remit has expanded a bit and become a bit diluted in the process. I'm happy though. My blog is not in any way commercial.

I'm trying to improve the photos in the blog posts but sometimes I just want it done and a phone snap, in class or wherever, will fit the bill. These snaps are so useful for fitting, of course. I'm lucky that I can get fitting help. Not everyone can, of course, but these photos do go a long way to help.

I have too many projects planned or on the go. I did get rid of quite a few UFOs either by finishing them or by deciding to abandon. Thank you Ruth for coming up with the term AUFO (abandoned unfinished object) My plan is not to start anything completely new until I get more under control. I did say completely new. I plan to blog garments in progress and when completed.

On my in progress bundle are:
  • The biggy - the xth toile for trousers. Say no more. Though this will feature at a later point. I have an epic post in progress - it just needs the ending of a wearable pair of pants!

  • Rory is fitting a close-fitting torso block ready for David and me to modify a dressmaking model for me. I'm about to cut out and sew up what will hopefully be the final toile. Rory is draping the sleeve in our next session.  This is an exciting project. Those of you who have followed me for a while will know that I modified a dressmaking model 'Missy' to fit my youngest daughter as I had to fit her wedding dress at a distance.  This was only partially successful. This is for me.

The next fitting will be next to the skin - I have a vest on here

Rory had to stretch a bit!

Not easy to see - the changes drawn in

The pieces cut apart - ie turned into princess seams with seam allowances

  • A tank top - this was tissue fitted - it's cut out and darts sewn. I need to check fit before moving on. It should be a simple job. Okay, I've said that before! This isn't from my own pattern - I think it's a McCall's. If it doesn't work, I'll do another of my own pattern

  • Two jackets - a Morris blazer and a McCall's blazer. I haven't touched either for ages. They are leftover from post jacket class sewing. Ran out of time as usual. Both in toile stage. With both, next stage is a fashion fabric. I guess I should check fit first though. My weight loss has stalled and I have a busy food-filled fortnight ahead of me but then...

  • Child's raspberry waterproof jacket. This is our second outerwear class project. The class has finished.  The jacket is nearly finished but Rory wasn't there in the sewing bee this week to help Nicky and me finish

  • Cashmerette Concord tee shirt. I was fitted and modifications made to tee. I've still to transfer modifications to pattern. It's pretty easy to make up after that. I have some suitable fabric
I need to alter the shoulder line on the tee. I haven't shown the sleeve and bodice next to sleeve changes required.

  • I've got the pattern and the fabric ready to try the proper red silk dress for Helen. She didn't want me to start it until I'd put her wedding dress back together (dismantled to clean and repair).

Recently finished
  • Yes, I finished repairing Helen's dismantled wedding dress and returned it to her over the Easter weekend. Yay! The relief! Hopefully it's now safely stored away in Helen's flat. (There are a few bits of the silk crepe left and I'm wondering if I could make a tank for her. I think I need something with lots of seams as there is no big chunk with selvedge. This is way down my list though. As is the red silk dress as I gave her a different Christmas present.)
  • Checked skirt. Previously blogged. I'm not going to alter. For discard. That's a AUFO!
  • Orange gilet. Previously blogged.
  • Checked tank. Previously blogged.
    This one is a success.

  • Shortened legs on new RTW trousers!! I've never/rarely had to shorten before. I think it's because I wear flat shoes and lots of people wear higher heels with wide legs like these. Usually I have to lengthen and add a false hem when there isn't enough fabric to let down. 

Planned over the next year
  • I agreed to hack or somehow lengthen a dress for Alison.  She loves it but it's too short for work. This is a more complex task.
  • Shirt for younger grandson - provided he hasn't grown too  big for me to be able to use the fabric leftover from shirt for older grandson.
  • I will be fitting in jackets and trousers and tops for me! Well, they're really at toile stage. Provided I get good fitting toiles.
  • Shirt and jeans for David. He's not difficult to fit. He has said he's happy to wait - he wants me to do something for me first, before anything else.
  • The third term of my level 3 sewing class starts in May. Stretch wear inc swimsuit. I may restrict this to class.
  • Helen's red silk dress, silk camisole and tartan skirt are all currently on the back burner. Her birthday is in November so probably the red dress for then.
  • A kimono for Joanne. Not a big task- it's just fitting it in. I have the fabric. Her birthday is in August.
Joanne is on the left. She's wearing the shorts in this photo but very hard to see.

  • Joanne will need new shorts as she's rapidly losing weight. I'll need to get more of the nice fabric I bought for the first pair of shorts. She read my Instagram (she doesn't follow my blog) where I said I'd prefer to make a different colour and has suggested a black or a white floral but not purple which was an option I offered.  She also asked about changing up the lace or missing out but I think it needs the weight. Once she gets to her target weight, I'll modify the pattern.

So that's me and my blog. Please do comment!!


  1. Congrats on 100 Bloglovin followers! You've got a lot of plans, looking forward to the epic pants post. I also noticed the downturn in the number of blogposts and I hope it's seasonal. I know that's the case for my blog. I did sew a few things that I didn't feel like modeling in rain or snow, the only exception being my new winter coat. My pictures taken inside are just never good enough to show the details. Better days ahead, I hope!

    1. Your coat was gorgeous. I realised I didn't include my anniversary dress!! Looking forward to more photos and blog posts in better weather.

  2. Congratulations on your 100 followers too, that's a real milestone. Your plans always look really ambitious, I wish you well, you're a very generous sewer

  3. Congratulations Anne!I agree there is a down turn in blogging. Instagram seems to be the way forward right now. I am pretty new to that too (well new to using it regularly) and its great for the social aspect of sewing and keeping up with sewing friends like yourself. I didnt know you were on Blogovin... but consider me added now :) Happy Sewing you have some great prospectives!

    1. Thank you, Dawn. I'd be sad if blogs stay on the downturn. I don't think I'm really an Instgrammer! However, I do appreciate the social side. How far are you from Brighton? Hours by car? Asking because I'm going near there in the summer.
      You've previously commented on my blog but I agree, Bloglovin makes it easier to follow - I keep missing posts that don't come through my feed.

  4. Instagram may be easier and faster but I prefer the narratives of a blog. I wanted to send you this link in regards to your pant fitting trials. Read:
    Note how many mockups were made and the tiny adjustments to each. Also the balance lines were marked on every version which greatly assists in fitting. Your pants will get better with each revision.

    1. Thank you, Mary.
      I very much agree with you about Instagram v blogging.
      I'll look at the link you've included tomorrow - no time tonight. I'm doing the pants fitting with my tutor. Hopefully they will get better with each revision but so far I'm not convinced! Hopefully I might get a pair of pants from this exercise - someday!
      Incidentally, I've started the process of customising a model for me. David is about to dismantle and lengthen the central core of the base model to provide a torso of the correct length. My tutor is helping me with a moulage of my torso. There will be a detachable arm/sleeve. Your blog posts have been very helpful.


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