Friday, 28 April 2017

Is it me? You decide! and update Saturday

This should really be a tablet and/or phone - and PC too

I've said before that technology and social media are leaving me behind,  though when I was younger I was pretty computer literate. I even did some computer programming editing a medical dictionary during a holiday job from University. The hospital computer took up a whole room and we had to wear a white coat and shoe protectors and walk over sticky mats.  The computer used punch cards. I can't remember the power of the huge computer but this was 1975/1976 (I graduated 1977), before home computing and it probably wasn't more powerful than we have routinely in our hands (tablets or maybe even phones!) and perhaps much less powerful.

The first home computer in the early 80s in the UK I think had only 1 kilobyte of memory!! Expandable to 16. No power hungry bloatware in those days.

As home computing improved,  so we (that is, David and me) improved our home equipment and extended what we did on them. Spreadsheets,  databases etc. I think email was quite a bit later. At first of course everything was slow as all we had was a dial up connection.

Social Media

I began to use social media just over 3 years ago when I started this blog.

I've never struggled with technology until recently.

Maybe I'm complicating things? (I hope it’s this and not a sign of ageing) I have two email addresses. Maybe I should get rid of one of them.
I've just discovered that one of these email addresses has been used to follow some blogs on bloglovin' - that is I accidentally used it to follow without realising. If people link back, they'd find an anonymous profile. So I have two profiles - my proper one with photo etc and a number of followers and the other, with no followers, on which I was following 30 people or blogs - I found that if I linked to a blog via Instagram, it defaulted to this strange account. It has perhaps only appeared since I started Instagram, I’m not sure. Actually, it’s not even that ‘simple’ as both are to the same email address!

I have deleted the 30 people/blogs I was following via the ‘wrong’ account - some I was already following on my proper account and the others, I’ll try to follow on my normal profile.  I’m not sure how to do that but I think that I can follow on my proper account via my PC - can't find how to do it on my tablet (Android). I don’t think the stranger account has been deleted though as when I clicked on a follow, it took me back into this, though it now said ‘follow one other blog to continue’, which I didn’t do. Then I hope I can delete the other. Obviously, I also somehow need to make sure any follows I click are linked into my proper account - I do use the bloglovin' app by the way.

I'm sorry if you are one of the people I have deleted - I will try to re-follow!

Maybe it's time to get rid of one of the email addresses though that's a huge task!

I seem to remember that something similar happened with a secret wedding dress Pinterest account my daughter and I set up. She used the wrong email address to invite me to share in hers. We got that sorted. I do struggle a bit with Pinterest - I initially had problems trying to print out.

A couple of times I've needed to edit after publication but can't find out how to do it. I know it must be possible as others have done it. Please tell me if you know!!
I still can't repost but can take a screenshot and edit it in lieu of that. To repost I think I need an additional app and would prefer to avoid if poss. I'm just not on top of it at all.
Android v IOS
Talking about an Android tablet - I have considered getting an iPad as I can't download Craftsy classes onto Android for offline watching but you can with IOS. There are a few annoyances like that. My phone is also Android.

So,  I can use these but not well.

I link my phone, PC,  tablet for calendar etc but now also photos. Trying to get a photo from my PC (originally from camera) onto Instagram was a nightmare and it was also difficult to get a Google photos photo saved on my PC.  I'm not sure I've sorted this - I installed an additional piece of software as recommended which did complete the task in hand but seems to have taken on a much bigger remit than I wanted it to!

I find the learning curve very steep. These days of course there is no instruction book. I can find most of what I'm after online - but you have to know the right terms to use!

So please excuse my inadequacies.


  • I've found how to edit in Instagram. How come I hadn't managed that before?
  • I've added most of the blogs I followed using the wrong account to the correct bloglovin account. I haven't added the people.
  • I haven't been able to delete the wrong bloglovin account though I changed its name to reflect that 'this doesn't exist'
  • Unfortunately my tablet still links to this wrong account so I can't follow blogs that way
  • My PC links properly. As I don't use Instagram on my PC this makes me feel that it is Instagram which is the issue.
  • I'm no further forward with my photos or re-posting
  • Still, I think I've managed a fair bit. I've certainly wasted some sewing time. I'm now off to complete the alterations to 2 pairs of trousers (too big!) as I want to wear them this weekend. 


  1. I'm finding it all a little daunting too but am slowly figuring it out. Sounds like you're doing very well. I do better sewing than social media. I prefer it that way I think.

    1. That's true - taking time away from sewing. I'm getting there, I think. With the sewing and as much as I need to really with social media. I need to speed up with the sewing.

  2. Anne, I am going to say that I prefer to leave social media behind! I use it for what I want to use it for, I don't let it use me. As for the technical aspects, I just do it one step at a time, if it fits my goals. I did do all the social media things in the beginning and have worked out how to do most things. As for photos, Dropbox is a good way of moving things from device to device.

    1. Thanks, Sarah Liz. I would say I use social media as a tool, as a means to an end, too, not for its own sake. I haven't used Dropbox though it is installed. I might consider later if the current setup doesn't work as I would like.


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