Saturday, 30 December 2017

A 'funny' story? AKA Cashmerette Concord part 3

Well, not that funny tbh!

I have done two previous posts on the Cashmerette Concord tee shirt and was still far from happy with the result. I made another tee incorporating the changes - and still wasn't happy. I was going to throw my attempt as a wadder but my sewing tutor see suggested I persist after making a few changes to the armhole/sleeve area.

The big disadvantage to these changes was that my careful stripe matching was to no avail!

The sleeves were too short so I added a band, which I like. Otherwise pretty standard. My tutor agreed with me when I said that some of the lines at the front suggested I might need a FBA - though I used the G/H cup size (I'm DD) and it certainly didn't feel tight.

Nevertheless, I persisted and finished the tee shirt. In class, I used a coverstitch machine for the first time for the bottom hem and perhaps fortunately for my pocket and my house, I can't see that I need one of these. Maybe also because my result is pretty shoddy! Okay from the outside but not great inside. I like my insides to look good but it's not absolutely critical.

This was months ago. I didn't blog about it. I went on to other things, put it away.

So what's the funny story? This week, I went into my wardrobe, pulled out a tee shirt and wore it all day with no concerns. Only when I took it off at night did I realise this was the Concord tee I had finished but ‘abandoned!’

Lesson here?

None of my RTW tops are perfect - this self criticised top is probably better than most. I know that I'm overly self critical (and know I'm not alone in this) and am trying to change. Not to drop my standards but to accept that things can be ‘good enough’. That's what I was trying to do with my murder mystery outfits (see previous posts) - not putting in more effort than was warranted by a likely once worn garment. In fact I will probably wear them again and I can as they are well constructed; the time I saved was in fitting not in construction. David always planned to wear his yellow jeans again. There are fit issues but he was happy, they were certainly good enough for the event and I'll change for the next pair I make him.

So I resolve to continue to do my best but not to sweat it if things aren't perfect. That's my plans for 2018 and for the red silk dress I'm making Helen at the moment. A future green one might be better. Don't they say you have to make something is it 3 times before it goes smoothly and you get it right? There are also more TNTs  on the cards. I say more but in fact I don't have any as yet!

I hadn't got around to making the necessary changes to the Concord pattern from the last lot of adjustments and hope I can remember what they were - otherwise there won't be any more!

I decided to put the top on for some photos and immediately saw lots of flaws. It IS wearable. I'm not making any changes to it. Note to self - don't be so hard on yourself!

I wore it to sewing class. The tutors agreed that it might not be perfect but what RTW garment was and I would have worn that as a RTW with no concerns. True -  probably.

Today I got rid of a lot of garments that were in the adjustment pile - I was just never going to get around to them. The pile was mainly RTW with various fit issues but included some worn out polo shirts where I had planned to recycle the fabric to make child’s tees and a few me-made items that are not worth any further effort.

I also donated around 60 metres of fabric to my sewing class. Around 45 metres was stretch lining type fabric bought as toile material when I was making Helen’s wedding dress and the rest was upholstery fabric and some fabric left over from makes. I still have all the toiles from the wedding dress - these are next to go.

I’m joining the 2018 RTW Fast, starting 1st January. So anything I don’t have now, I’ll have to make! First on the list and this time I’m determined to finish is of course trousers! My weight has gone up again as I can’t exercise at present due to a flare up but hopefully I’ll start to get it under control after Christmas. I got to the stage of being ready to make up a pair of trousers in fashion fabric but then I ran out of time - hopefully it will still be okay. So - January.


  1. I have been lusting over a coverstitch machine. Did you like it? Was it difficult to sew on?

    I agree with your tutor that no RTW garment is perfect. And I have never found a RTW Tee that fits the way I want it. But I like yours!

    1. Thanks, Annie. The cover stitch machine wasn't difficult to use but like everything else will need practice! The alterations I had made meant that the hem was uneven so that would make it more difficult. I didn't know the machine of course and I normally like to read instruction books and practice etc. No, it's not on my list of 'must buys'

  2. Looks good enough to me. I really don't understand perfectionism - Ihave always been so busy and active I have never had time for it! That said, I do take care and do my best. So, good luck with your letting go of perfectionism journey. As for perfect finishes with coverstitch machines - check out RTW hems - they are not always perfect either. I wear all my "imperfect" makes...mostly the imperfections are the result of perception. My sister always complained that the trouble with me was that I was always so positive!!!

    1. Positivity isn't a negative! I need to be more positive. Perfectionism maybe shouldn't be but certainly can be. Thank you for your good wishes - I need then

  3. Sometimes things we make just need to be put into the "time out closet" before they emerge miraculously improved.

  4. Hola Ann!
    Happy New Year!
    Your top looks very nice and is definitely wearable.. so glad that you rediscovered it.
    Thanks to your prodding Imhave joined the RTW challenge.
    My first project a pair of black pants and a jacket.
    See you on her FB page

    1. I hope you had a good Christmas - Happy New Year to you too! Yes, the top is definitely wearable but another version could still be improved!
      Looking forward to the RTW fast challenge. Glad you joined! A bigger challenge for me in 2018 is to lose weight and improve my health. There will be sewing - hopefully lots! My first project may be a kimono for me, having made one for all my daughters of I have enough fabric left. My first 'real' project is to make a pair of navy pants.

  5. this post displays OK for me - maybe the width of the pictures?

    1. I certainly think it's to do with the photos - they are imported via blogger, though and it wasn't a problem until today! I was using Google Drive to write, rather than Word, but it should work with Blogger. Don't know.

  6. I think that is a great looking tee and I love the use of narrow stripes. So glad for info on DD bust, as that is my measurement as well. Will go for G/H as well and extra width for insurance purposes! Good and helpful review. And I thought I was picky about my garments;)

    1. Thank you. Yes, I'm picky but less so than I used to be! I'm glad you found the review useful. I like to read reviews that tell the whole story warts and all so that's what I try to write.


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