Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Do you know? Can you answer?

I put up blog posts via Blogger.

I follow blog posts via Bloglovin’ with a few via email.

The stats on the Overview stats page on Blogger say I have 1 follower and have had that same 1 follower since the start. I know that’s not true. Blogger has me as having over 200 followers in another section, which I found by accident and can’t find again. I am aware that the pages are different depending on whether I’m using my smartphone, my tablet or my desktop PC so that could be the reason for not being able to find it again.

When I get the (supposedly) weekly update from Bloglovin’, the numbers for followers rise most weeks – but it lists the ‘numbers of new followers’ as 0, nearly all weeks. It currently lists 196 followers; Bloglovin analytics has this same number. I do get emails telling me I have new followers – these are from Bloglovin, even when the weekly update will read ‘no new followers’. So where does Bloglovin’ take its total from?

Bloglovin lists that I follow 25 people; Blogger a lot more than that (over 200) with little overlap. My feed on Bloglovin’ reflects the larger number. I know that sometimes, people don’t list Bloglovin’ as a way of following them and I can add their blog address myself – that accounts for a few of the 25.
I’m coming up to a blogiversary so was reviewing these stats – but they don’t make any sense whatsoever to me! I had thought that if I reached 200 followers, I might offer a giveaway – but am I already over 200? I have no idea.

I assume it might depend on how people choose to follow my blog?

I know that at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how many followers I have (though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy having followers!) – but I am so frustrated in not being able to clarify!

We had also discussed having a family website, so I wondered about shifting from Blogger – but it seems like a very big task. I’d still want to read blogs from other people, so would keep Bloglovin’ anyway – unless you feel there is a better option?

I'd really appreciate any comments, thank you


  1. There are lots of different ways in which people can follow your blog and I'm not sure if you will ever know the total amount of followers. I think the followers on blogger are those following with their Google account. Then there is Bloglovin, with their mysterious weekly mails. Your number of followers there is 195 and I think that's correct. When I have five new followers in a week the amount in analytics goes up with five as well, although just like you I get this weekly mail telling me I have zero new followers. Must be a glitch in the system. There are also other readers like Feedly and I don't know if there is a way to identify the number of followers over there. You also provide the option 'follow by mail' on your blog. When you go to Feedburner and enter the name of your blog you can check how many readers subscribed to this newsletter. ( For my blog the number here is almost triple the amount of followers on Bloglovin, so perhaps it's a preferred way to follow for many). And then of course there are readers that don't follow your blog but do read your posts. I hope this helps?

    1. Thanks, Marianne. Very helpful. I went to Feedburner and found my blog has 928 subscribers! I had no idea whatsoever!
      The rest is very mysterious. I'll just leave it that way!

  2. I read/follow several blogs. Every once in a while I get a notice that ------ is following me!!??

    1. On Bloglovin you can both follow blogs and follow people. That can either be the writer of the blog or a person that s just reading blogs. For Marcia that means that people who like the kind of blogs that you follow may want to follow to you to see which new blogs you discover or which posts you like or save.


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