Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Solved! Somehow I've started following myself and want to stop!

Okay, I love followers and love comments but I draw the line at following myself!  I don't know how it happened - it certainly wasn't deliberate.  This morning I got an email giving me further blog suggestions, similar to my own, which I had somehow started following.

It's interesting, however,  to see how my blog looks on Bloglovin. Big photos don't work as they're out of focus. I've seen that on Bloglovin before - the photos are fine if you click through to the original blog post.  I'll stick to medium in future,  though.

Anyway,  I tried to unfollow me but that's not an option - the icon against my name is to follow me rather than unfollow me!
I don't know if it's confused because I use two email addresses and multiple devices.

Do you have any advice?

Do please comment.

Thank you. Anne

Update - sorted out. Thanks,  Marianne. I still don't know why it happened in the first place,  though!


  1. Perhaps you clicked the Follow me on Bloglovin on your own blog? Well, it's easy to undo. Go to Bloglovin, click on your picture in the upper right corner, then select Edit blogs you follow. You can now unfollow any selected blog, even your own ;)

    1. Whew, thank you - got there in the end.

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