Sunday, 31 December 2017

Peruvian Purses - a little extra

I saw a cute little purse on Emmaandhermachine's  Instagram. She had received the kit as a gift and told me where it had come from (Craft and Cotton) I liked it, thought it would make a good stocking filler for one of the girls and bought a kit and a spare set of fittings - the fittings are the most crucial part of it.

I took photos of the two purse together but can't find them!! This is my first. I should have put a scale next to them

The kit came in 3 choices - printed canvas (?I'm not sure canvas is the most appropriate
term) type fabric, black faux leather and red faux leather. I really liked the fabric shown on the website so went for that.

The kit arrived quickly. The front of the purse is in the fabric, the back in black faux leather. There is no interfacing. There was a set of instructions, the pattern for the back and the front and the hardware in the pack.

I’m not a crafter as most people who read this will know. However, even I managed to finish this pretty quickly although a couple of things puzzled me. Firstly, there was no indication of the size of the seam allowance around the purse - I guessed at 1/4”. Dan pointed out that the finished length of the purse would match that of the hardware. I went for ¼”. Secondly, I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get the hardware into the purse properly. With some help from Dan and encouragement from others who were watching, it was achieved.

The scariest bit was cutting through the fabric for the magnetic catch!

The purse is small - smaller than I realised it would be and I’m not sure how useful it will be. Nevertheless, it was a fun thing to make.

I made another with the spare set of fittings. Two of the girls got them for Christmas as a little extra. The one I gave to Alison fell apart as she tried to open it so I had to put together again - and show her how to do that in case it happened again. The girls thought they were cute and really liked the fabric (a town scene).

I don’t think, though, that I’ll make any others.


  1. this post as the wrapping problem for me.

    1. Yep. The bottom half does. What's going on? I'll fix it.

    2. I've managed to solve the wrap problem but the text colour and font are different. I'm leaving it there though. Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Anne...I am not a crafter either and would have no idea how to put in a fastener...I would just wing it! It's a cute little bag and you have sewn it very neatly.

  3. Purse hardware sounds finicky -- nevertheless, they are cute little purses. I agree that the town scene is lovely.

    1. Thank you. Finicky and one fell out! I have a notion to try more bags and purses.


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