Monday, 3 December 2018

Machine Embroidery - update on finished Infinity Gauntlet hoodie

In my previous blog post about making the Infinity gauntlet embroidery, I showed what a mess I made of the first embroidery on tee shirt fabric. I made a number of changes, which I spoke about in that post. I enlarged the design and reduced the stitch density then sewed a practice on a more stable fabric with more body, using better and more suitable stabilisation. This worked and I was pleased with the embroidery.

Close up of embroidery

However, I found that I couldn’t fit the bigger hoop that was needed inside the hoodie and get it properly fixed in place. This was because the bigger hoop extended into the sleeve and hood area. The fabric was just too bulky. I wasn't too happy about 'floating' the sweatshirt fabric on top and saw from some that it shouldn't be necessary.

In the end, I went back to the original smaller, stitch-dense design and stitched that on the hoodie. I was able to use a smaller hoop which meant that I didn’t catch the sleeve or hood. To be honest, the design is also a bit more central than originally intended but I didn’t mind about that. I’m glad I didn’t do the larger embroidery as this one looks quite large already.

Finished hoodie

You can just see the remnants of my chalk markings showing that I'm more central than I had intended

With good stabilisation and also using a water soluble topper, my stitching went well. I’m pleased with the final result.

I used cutaway stabiliser and trimmed this down, putting a soft layer over it to protect soft skin from the embroidery (which is still fairly rigid!)

The hoodie and logo looks good.

Birthday boy - picture from WhatsApp
I gave Alison the ‘blanks’ I bought - the boys can wear them now, but they're growing so fast some of them were already too small but Alison can give them to other mothers. I’ve kept back one white tee shirt for Ben and may do similar to that as I did with Jack’s. Now that I've finished it and it has been pretty successful for a first attempt, particularly, I feel I could do more, by special request, for my grandsons, though I didn't particularly enjoy the process while it was ongoing!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Margaret. It is a shadow of your gorgeous embroideries.

  2. That's amazing. Do you own a terribly expensive sewing machine?

    1. Thanks, Ruth. This is on a stand alone embroidery machine, a Brother. Not one of the very expensive ones. My sewing machine dealer advised against getting the Bernina embroidery module for my sewing machine and recommended this. It was a present from DH.


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